Governance & Leadership

Child Safety Icons-4

School leaders create and promote environments that are safe, supportive and engaging. They make their decisions based on the best interests of children and young people


Action Areas Indicators
  1. Child safety is explicit for CECWA and all Sub-Committees
  2. School leaders know and understand their duty of care to students
  3. CEWA is committed to improvement and development in areas of child safety
  4. All levels of governance understand their obligations as outlined in Child Protection Procedures
  1. Department of Education Standards regarding child safety are met and exceeded
  2. Principals and staff participate in development that assists them to model behaviours that are based on principles of extended guardianship (collective responsibility) and put the safety and wellbeing of the child first
  3. CEWA models best practice and requires accountability and transparency
  4. CEWA school improvement processes are regularly reviewed and provide robust procedures to ensure all aspects of child safety are addressed at the localised and wider system level